Announcing “Black & White A Poem with Photographs”

I’m proud to announce the publication of
“Black & White A Poem with Photographs” by Louis Dienes. 
Read the review from the current issue of the Journal of the Print World
by Len Bernstein and Karen Van Outryve.


From the Review by Len Bernstein, Photographer, and Karen VanOutryve, Poet, published in Journal of the Print World:

Louis Dienes (1925-2016) is one of the important poets and also one of the important photographers of America. His images show the dignity and grandeur of everyday situations, people, and objects; they are exciting and powerful. This alone would be reason enough to recom-mend his recently published book. But another reason is: his poem “Black & White,” the basis of this book, is one of the real, musically stirring poems of the last century.
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Black & White can be purchased in the US and Canada by contacting Amy Dienes at
Price is $25.00 plus $7.00 shipping and handling shipped Priority Mail.
On receipt of your request I will send you a link to pay via PayPal.
Outside the US Black & White can be purchased through